Best and Worst of 2011

Face of the year; Freja Beha Erichsen

Weather we liked it or not - and trust me, at first I certainly didn't - Freja has been at the front of every designer's minds, been featured on every ad campaign going and become a style muse for many. 
And believe me it helps being Karl Lagerfeld's muse. This beauty just beat Miranda Kerr for the number one spot, but you just don't realize how many times I have opened an issue of Vogue this year and exclaimed "Oh, not her again!?" 
I wish Freja all the best in 2012, lets hope the fickle fashion industry doesn't leave her behind. 
Something tells me it won't.

Best Dressed; Blake Lively

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't have done it. Something in my mind's eye says the title should go to someone like Olivia Palermo, or Kate Middleton - something is telling me that maybe I should be a little more patriotic.
But let's face it, nude photographs aside, Blake has done one hell of a job amazing us with her outfits this year. Christian Louboutin even named a shoe after her, and since that day we haven't seen her without a pair of Loub's on her feet, a charitable feat I must admit!
So this one goes to Blake, maybe because of my kindness karma will grant me with a longer pair of legs now?! 

Trend of the Year: Colour Blocking
Colour blocking was definitely a major trend for 2011, and it was seen on major celebs such as Rihanna, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth and even Kim Kardashian (who decided to go all out and wear an entire outfit from the Gucci Spring/Summer collection). It's been a fashion love affair, but if any one of you had been paying attention to Absolutely Fabulous Christmas special you would know that colour blocking is OUT for 2012. 
However, don't fret!The answer to all your fashion problems lies in PRINTS for next season  -so stock up on colourful paisley in muted blues and pair it with your favorite neutral heeled sandals and  we'll see you in Spring!

Trend I never want to see again: Chino's

Now, a man in chino's is probably not too much of a bad thing, in fact, a change from the bog-standard Levi jean is a sign that a man has put in some effort to his outfit. So, providing it is not paired with a Ralph Lauren polo top, or a Snap-back, I think it's safe to say that men really have no other alternative.

But ladies, we can do better than this. Chino's are a thing of the past- they belong in A/W 2011 for a number of reasons:
Firstly, they make your hips look big, and now really who want's that?
Secondly, You will only find Chino's in natural brown, burgundy or mustard. They are not a must have for S/S 2012 and therefore will not transition well into next seasons wardrobe. Chuck them out.
Thirdly, and lastly: They make your hips look BIG. Need I say more?

So that is my little 2011 tribute post, I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you all for reading, I would love to hear your feedback. What do you think was the best/worst of 2011? Comment below!

Olivia xx

Picture sources: 1. Tumblr 2. here 3.here 4.here


Vale said...

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GlamorousGirl said...

i completly agree with you !!!


Anonymous said...

I liked this :)
And I love Blake Livelys little blue skirt. Soooo stinkin' cute :)

NRC♥ said...

I love Blake!
Lovely round up


Fydez said...

You made a nice round up! xx

Ms Jelena said...

Completely agree with you!!! Colour blocking is great - love it! x

Ricardo MiƱana said...

Hello magnificent entrance,
going to say hello and wish you
a great start this year.
a hug.

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